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Hibiscus plant blooming again

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

After being attacked by ants for some time, the hibiscus plant was covered with a white layer and no new leaves were growing or flowers blooming. Now after a period of few months, the hibiscus flower buds are appearing in the last week of december, though they are far smaller in size compared to the original flowers.
This year, the first week of december 2015 was quite warm, now the weather is cooler, the ants have disappeared and buds are reappearing

Flower seed suppliers needed

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Looking for flower seed suppliers for purchase, review and listing on a website about flower varieties to find out which are easiest flowers to grow in a house . Please send details of the flower seeds available, pricing and other terms and conditions

Marigold plant withers away

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Though marigold plants are extremely attractive, have a nice fragrance and last for upto a week, these plants do not last for a long time . Even though the plant may be watered regularly soon after the monsoon ends the plant will wilt and die fairly soon. The plant seller will sell the plant at a fairly high price of Rs 50-90 per plant, especially if the plant is grafted, so marigold buyers should be aware of the limited life.

There are very few plants which will flourish in all weather conditions, and only a few plants which will flower through out the year

Ants destroying hibiscus plant

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Though the seller promised that the hibiscus plant would yield flowers through out the year, a parasitic variety of ants has ensured that the plants do not yield a single flower for months after they attacked the plant.

The plant was flowering regularly for a month after being purchased, before the ants discovered the plant. They then systematically covered the plant with a white web like substance especially the tips of the plant where the buds and flowers would bloom. removing the white layer from the plant stems has not improved the condition and though the plant has leaves, there are no flowers at all.