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Top florist in India

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Worldwide flowers are one of the more popular and profitable items sold online .
Doing a google search for “top florist in India” to check the seo gives the following results (only florist are listed)’

additionally ,, flowers n fruits, were advertising using Google Adwords
For FlowersnFruits,, Google adwords was showing the prices of a bouquet of pink rose flowers , priced at Rs 375 for delivery in Gurgaon, Rs 399 for delivery in bengaluru respectively.
The price of each rose was approximately Rs 30 for the rose bouquet, when most retailers in small towns are charging Rs 10 per rose. In large cities like Mumbai, the prices of roses are lower at Rs 5 per rose. The additional charges will be for foliage, higher quality roses, packaging of flowers in a bouquet and delivery charges

FernsnPetals is the most high profile florist in India online, at least in western India, offering coupons on a large number of websites. However it would be interesting to know the criteria of google to rank at the 1st position for “top florist in India” on May 29, 2016, what seo methods have been used or it is related to the availability, hosting and design of the website.

Any florist interested in a review of their website can send an email to Press releases on new products, services, special deals are also welcome.

Red brocade marigold

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

While orange and yellow marigold flowers have been extremely popular in India for several decades, the reddish orange variant of marigold is relatively new, a hybrid of the different marigolds available including an African variant of the marigold and Red Brocade. The plant sellers in goa are getting these flowers from Pune, where these plants for home gardens are cultivated on a large scale, for sale in gardens all over India


More flower photos available on request, send an email to and

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Flower Gardens to improve home value

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

While the construction, size and location of a house determine the value of the house to a great extent, home evaluation service providers will also check if the home has a garden around it , a kitchen garden or terrace garden. Though having fruit and vegetables in the garden can be a profitable side business, it appears that in most posh areas of small towns, people prefer to grow flowers in their garden.

Some of the popular flowers which are grown in the gardens are
Indian valerian

Information on popular and easy to grow flower plants will be appreciated.

Advertise gardening, flowers and related products

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Any advertising related to flowers, gardening or related topics will be greatly appreciated.

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Flowers in local gardens

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

One of the opportunities which are being overlooked is that many flowers which grow locally are ignored and wasted. Compared to large cities like Mumbai, in Goa a larger number of people live in houses and have some space around their house. Most of the flowers are wasted, they will wilt and die . Additionally people will cut the plants in their house and throw the cuttings on the road, Because of the high levels of surveillance no one will pick up the cuttings.
People instead prefer to purchase expensive plants from the plant sellers who are getting the plants from Pune and other places outside the state, often paying an extremely high price due to the transportation cost. For example in maharashtra most plants are available for Rs 10-25 only, in goa the same plants will cost Rs 50-150. If the state government was able to make locally cultivated home garden plants available at a low rate, there would be far more demand for these plants compared to selling flowers which will wilt within a week.

Stealing flowers for God

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

People who are religious often follow some daily rituals without wondering whether they are right or wrong. In posh areas of the city, most houses have a garden with a number of flowering plants, like mogra, rajnigandha, hibiscus , oleandar, bouganvillea, frangipani, roses. Doing puja everyday in the morning is part of the daily rituals and flowers are often collected. Some people have gardens with many flowers, others are not so lucky.Instead of purchasing the flowers or doing puja without flowers, they will steal the flowers from gardens of others.
On May 11, 2016, at around 7 am, at the first house in Lake View Colony, Panaji (from the St Inez Campal link road) it was observed that a bespectacled lady with a fair complexion and wearing a orange kameez with large white dots was observed, collecting pink oleander flowers from the oleander plant. Some of the branches of the oleander plant were outside the compound of the house, however the lady was not satisfied, she was pulling other branches outside to collect the flowers. She had already collected a large number of white flowers in a plastic bag.
Just because of ritual, the lady was taking so much effort and time to collect flowers early in the morning