Indian flowers and gardening

Stealing flowers for God

People who are religious often follow some daily rituals without wondering whether they are right or wrong. In posh areas of the city, most houses have a garden with a number of flowering plants, like mogra, rajnigandha, hibiscus , oleandar, bouganvillea, frangipani, roses. Doing puja everyday in the morning is part of the daily rituals and flowers are often collected. Some people have gardens with many flowers, others are not so lucky.Instead of purchasing the flowers or doing puja without flowers, they will steal the flowers from gardens of others.
On May 11, 2016, at around 7 am, at the first house in Lake View Colony, Panaji (from the St Inez Campal link road) it was observed that a bespectacled lady with a fair complexion and wearing a orange kameez with large white dots was observed, collecting pink oleander flowers from the oleander plant. Some of the branches of the oleander plant were outside the compound of the house, however the lady was not satisfied, she was pulling other branches outside to collect the flowers. She had already collected a large number of white flowers in a plastic bag.
Just because of ritual, the lady was taking so much effort and time to collect flowers early in the morning

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