Indian flowers and gardening

Flowers in local gardens

One of the opportunities which are being overlooked is that many flowers which grow locally are ignored and wasted. Compared to large cities like Mumbai, in Goa a larger number of people live in houses and have some space around their house. Most of the flowers are wasted, they will wilt and die . Additionally people will cut the plants in their house and throw the cuttings on the road, Because of the high levels of surveillance no one will pick up the cuttings.
People instead prefer to purchase expensive plants from the plant sellers who are getting the plants from Pune and other places outside the state, often paying an extremely high price due to the transportation cost. For example in maharashtra most plants are available for Rs 10-25 only, in goa the same plants will cost Rs 50-150. If the state government was able to make locally cultivated home garden plants available at a low rate, there would be far more demand for these plants compared to selling flowers which will wilt within a week.

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