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Climbing on walls to collect flowers

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Most flowers are usually fresh for a day, then they wilt and die. However some people will put their life to great risk to collect flowers. On 14 September 2016, at around 7.15 am , a young woman dressed in a black top, with red leggings was spotted clambering on the walls trying to pluck mogra flowers from a shrub at the entrance of Lake View colony in Panaji, goa.
The mogra plant was growing in the compound of a house, and some branches with flowers are growing outside the compound, which some people like to pluck to get flowers for worshipping their home or home decor
The young woman was perched very precariously on the walls of the road, trying to reach and collect the white mogra floowers.
Instead she could have asked the plant owner if she could collect the mogra flowers and done so safely. Alternately the flower plant owners should collect and sell these flowers

Seed paper from 21Fools

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

While there are many foreign websites which are selling seedpaper , there are relatively few indian websites which sell seedpaper, and 21Fools is one of the few websites which sells seedpaper to indian customers. The seed paper is made from recycled paper, which in turn is made from waste fabrics. The seeds are embedded in the recycled paper during the manufacturing process. When the seeds will be dipped in water and placed in a pot, the seeds will germinate and grow into plants. However not much information is provided about the germination rates for the seeds.
At present it appears that 21Fools is mainly focussed on bulk orders and corporate customers , who may gift the seedpaper .
There is only item available for retail customers, however it uses four letter words
Most people interested in gardening in India today tend to be middle aged and older people as they have no other opportunities, there are few young people who have the time and inclination to do gardening, so cheaper seed paper would be greatly appreciated

White headed nettle growing wild

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Though goa has the largest per capita debt in India, there is no attempt to harness or utilize the natural resources of goa , instead officials are wasting resources chasing investors who may or may not invest in the state . While in other states herbal plants like white headed nettles are used as medicinal plants for preparing herbal medicines, in goa despite the abundant rainfall these plants are allowed to grow wild.
In August september many of these plants which germinate when the monsoon starts in June , start blossoming on the footpaths and other places in posh colonies in paanji. Their distinctive small white flowers are immediately visible to anyone who is observing
Root, stem, flower, fruit, leaves of the plant can be used for various herbal medicines and not much irrigation will be required

Most people only grow flowers in their home garden

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Any empty space can be used for gardening, however it is noticed that in most urban homes in small towns, most people are only growing flower and ornamental plants, almost no one is growing any vegetable plant in their garden. The flowers have limited value only making the garden colourful, and using for decorating at home, or offering to the gods
The lack of interest in kitchen gardening is because of the negative attitude towards people who grow vegetables at home, they are considered to be miserly, not willing to purchase vegetables. However few realize that it remains fairly difficult to grow any vegetables at home, a lot of seeds and money have to be wasted due to pests, unsuitable weather, soil. Some people may want to improve their gardening skills and starting a kitchen garden can be a good way to find out which plants can be easy to grow. Often people are unable to find time to visit the market, and a kitchen garden can help.

Monitoring and reducing chromium contamination

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Like most metals and chemicals, large amounts of chromium in the body can be hazardous to a person’s health , so it is recommended that chromium contamination levels in the environment are monitored closely. This is important in industrial areas, so that necessary measures are taken to reduce the chromium levels to conform to the regulatory guidelines. Normally Chromium is found in the soil and plants, and is essential for the normal functioning of the human body in small quantities. However when the human body is exposed to large quantities of chromium above the recommended levels it can adversely affect the kidneys, liver, respiratory and nervous system so companies which pollute the environment with chromium are expected to take necessary steps to minimize the damage caused.

Most people get the chromium they require for the normal functioning of their body from the food they eat, like coffee, tea, potatos, yeast, peas. Due to industrialization, some individuals are exposed to extremely high levels of chromium, especially if they are working in the chemical manufacturing sector or exposed to combustion of gas,oil and coal. Realizing the health hazards posed by these industries and combustion activity, the regulatory bodies like EPA have specified the safe chromium levels in an area. Industries who do not conform to these pollution control norms could face legal and other action, and their manufacturing license could be revoked in some cases.

Hence many of the firms involved in activities which increase the chromium levels in the environment, are consulting firms which specialize in environmental forensics, accurately measuring the chromium contamination levels in a particular area with the latest equipment and technology available, and then recommending suitable changes to conform with the pollution control norms . The pollution control firm may recommend some changes in the manufacturing process so that less pollutants are released to the environment or that the chromium will be treated so that it is not released to the environment. In some case the chromium may be collected and sold to companies in the steel, paint, paper,cement sector, who require chromium as a raw material for their manufacturing process. Insurance policies may be used to reduce the financial burden to the firm implementing chromium pollution control norms.

Lady finger flowers

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

One of the easier plants to grow in a kitchen garden are ladies finger . There are many suppliers of seeds and they are fairly inexpensive compared to other seeds like karela seeds . The germination rate of these seeds is also higher.
However the person growing these seeds should protect the seedlings which are likely to be damaged quickly.
The plant will flower in a period of approximately 60 days, with a yellow flower, similar to a hibiscus flower
The ants in the area will pollinate the flower, and the ladies finger will be available for eating or cooking in a few days time.

Generators for tree trimming and other applications

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

While most flowering plants are relatively small shrubs, there are some flowering trees like the laburnum, flame of the forest which are large trees. Often these trees can cause a problem as they grow big, because the branches may enter homes or damage the cable/electricity supply/wiring in the area. So these trees have to be trimmed periodically to prevent any damage to the people and utilities. manual trimming of the tree can take a lot of time, so increasingly companies are relying on electrically powered devices, like chain saws for cutting or pruning the tree branches. In many areas, it may be difficult to find a reliable and inexpensive electric power supply source,so firms may prefer to use portable generators.

The portable generators which are usually mounted in a truck or van are the most suitable option for power generation in areas where the electric supply is not available or not reliable. While the electric supply in bigger cities is fairly reliable because of the larger population, offices and other commercial establishments, in smaller towns, villages and rural areas the electricity supply is often erratic and unreliable. The few people residing in the area, do not have the necessary clout and financial power to ensure that the local authorities and utilities provide reliable power supply. For both commercial and residential establishments, generators are the most suitable option for daily use and also for special occassions, like parties, town fairs, agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Like all electromechanical devices, over a period of time, the performance of a generator can be affected due to mechanical wear and tear,manufacturing defects. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of a firm specializing in generator repairs houston tx to periodically check the generator and make the necessary repairs. If the generator will malfunction in a remote area, far away from the city or town, getting it repaired will be expensive and time consuming and also affect the productivity of the firm that hired or owns the generator. It is also advisable to keep some spares of parts of the generator which are more likely to be damaged or malfunction, so that they can be quickly replaced, reducing the down time involved when there is a problem.

Flowers can create a good impression on the licensed appraiser

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

The licensed appraiser who will visit a home before deciding the appraised value of the home for reverse mortgage has a lot of discretionary power, hence it is important for the home owner to create the right impression on the appraiser. One way to ensure that the visiting appraiser will have a positive impression is to plant some colourful flowers near the entrance to the house. As flowers will usually bloom after a few weeks, it is important to plan the planting of the flowers well in advance so that they are blooming during the home appraisal visit.

Warning about false claims of sex specialist, housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian government employees

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

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Garden to improve home value for reverse mortgage

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

The amount a senior citizen will receive from his or her reverse mortgage will depend to a large extent on the appraised value of the home by an independent appraiser who will evaluate the condition of the home. A home with a well maintained garden with flowers will have a higher market value and the home owner can qualify to receive a higher amount monthly from the reverse mortgage. So it is advisable for home owner to have a garden with his or her house, as it will be a relaxing hobby and also increase the market value of the home.