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Ajwain, ova plant, leaves available in bulk

Friday, June 30th, 2017

Can supply ajwain, ova plants and leaves in bulk at a very low rate with a plant costing Rs 10 each excluding shipping, further bulk discounts available. Plants have edible leaves used for making chutney. Any person or company interested can interested can send their requirement to

Overpriced flower plants in goa

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

From an exhibition where plants were kept for sale, it becomes glaringly obvious that the plants for sale in goa are extremely overpriced. In Mumbai, the maximum cost of rose plants with flowers was Rs 50 while in Panaji, goa the cost of slightly better rose plants were Rs 250 . So it is far more economical to purchase plants in Mumbai and get them to goa by air or train.
For example at an exhibition in Panaji, Goa in June 2017 the following prices were quoted
Begonia Rex, aloe vera – Rs 150
Rose flowers – Rs 250
Pomegranate – Rs 350
Orchids – Rs 550
There were no plants available for less than Rs 150, a clear case of high prices. However in Mumbai, the plant sellers are not stocking orchids. Online prices are also high, however the sellers are spending a lot of time and money packaging the plant, so that it can be transported over a long distance. Those interested in purchasing Aloe vera for Rs 50 in Panaji, Goa can send an email to . Fish are far cheaper than plants in goa