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Roses most popular flower plants for retail sales

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

For local plant sellers, it appears that rose plants are the most popular flower plants for selling to their customers . It appears that most plant buyers are looking for colourful flower plants and rose plants with their brightly coloured flowers are very popular. However there is a major difference in the prices of rose plants in goa and mumbai due to the fact that there are very few flower farms in goa which are growing these rose flowers and plants in goa.
Some of the roadside retailers in Mumbai are selling rose plants for Rs 30-Rs 50 each , while in Goa most of the retailers are charging Rs 100 – Rs 150 per plant. In Goa they are usually selling potted plants with rose flowers, while in Mumbai, the plant is grown in a black polybag. However in the last few months, relative few flower plant sellers have been spotted in goa, allegedly due to change in rules.