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Murraya Paniculata cuttings available

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Murraya Paniculata (Maramulla) cuttings available
Plant is also called Kamini or Kunti
The plant has white flowers with a pleasant fragrance
Plants can also be supplied
Please send an email to with details of your requirement

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Blood lily or Haemanthus, easy to grow

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

When young most children have plenty of time and no money of their own to spend, when older they have money, no time to purchase what they want., spend time gardening. One of the plants, the domain investor always wanted from a very young age, is the blood lily or Haemanthus multiflorus which would grow in others houses and gardens .
Finally she was able to order a bulb online, and in June 2018, when it started raining, the bulb started growing automatically, though it was stored in a bag

The lily grew rather fast compared to other bulbs like the gladiolus bulbs which were ordered online, and the it completely blossomed within one week.Many of the other bulbs are not growing, or not having any flowers

So though one bulb of the lily costs Rs 44 at Nurserylive, it is worth spending the money, because the lily is easy to grow.

Stalker ntro employee parmar’s premika cbi employee gujju housewife naina starts growing portulaca plants in her front yard

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

The domain investor whose identity has been stolen by the powerful fraud ntro employee parmar and other ntro employees is tired of how these fraud government employees are stalking her, monitoring her photos, falsely claiming that their girlfriends are doing work online, when actually these women are not doing any work and are not investing any money online

The domain investor has been growing a large number of portulaca plants , and has posted photos, now the fraud parmar, falsely claims that his premika , who does not spend any money, does not control the websites, owns the websites of the domain investor, google competitor as part of the never ending defamation, cheating and exploitation of the domain investor

The latest example is how the gujju fraud ntro employee parmar, had his premika, the eighth standard pass gujju housewife cbi employee naina, mother of two sons, plant some portulaca plants in her courtyard, kept near the pot for the tulsi plant. Cbi employee naina is regularly doing puja around the tulsi pot . She has kept her courtyard immaculately clean with white tiles, hiring multiple servants
The gujju fraud ntro employee parmar is ruthless in stalking the domain investor, and this is the latest example of his endless stalking for more than one decade. When he have the grace and humanity to leave the domain investor alone, stop stalking her

Yellow hibiscus blooms for many days

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Though hibiscus , portulaca and other flowers are as colourful as roses, in most cases, the flower will bloom for only one day, and then the flower will wilt and die. On the other hand, a rose flower, like an orchid, marigold will last for many days, so these flowers are more costly compared to other flowers
However it appears that a new variety of hibiscus is being developed
The hibiscus flower is blooming very slowly, however flower is blooming for many days
It appears to be a new variety of hibiscus , which is not easily found in goa and elsewhere . More scientific information will be appreciated