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Stalking gang in Goa drops rupee coin near plants

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

The powerful organized stalking gang in goa which involved in a major impersonation fraud on the obc Paypal account holder, domain investor and engineer further harassed her by dropping a Rs 1 coin near the plants . These officials probably broke in to the house when she was not there, using duplicate keys, and dropped the coin to indicate that they are monitoring all the online and offline activities of the domain investor .
These officials may also be responsible for the sudden problems which are making the plants dry up or get a mold for example the cucumber plant dried up and many of the other plants have a white mold forming on them all of a sudden

The logic of cutting the mango tree

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Even after 10 days, the debris of the mango tree near government quarters, st inez remains on the footpath/pavement causing problems for pedestrians who moving between st inez and campal. It would be interesting to find out the name of the official who ordered that the mango tree should be cut, when he did not make any provision for disposing off the debris of the mango tree. Before it was cut, the mango tree did not cause much problem to anyone and some could enjoy the fruit of the mango tree, especially the poor who do not have much to eat .
However now after cutting it, it will not bear any fruit and it has become extremely hazardous for pedestrians walking in the area, as they are forced to walk on the busy road, especially at night.

Garden cleared to clutter pavement

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

More poor civic planning was observed when a small muncipal garden was cleared of weeds and other plants that grow during the monsoon. All the dried shrubs, weeds and plants were dumped on the pavement/footpath next to the garden causing problems for all the pedestrians who take the path. Comparatively few people use the garden, while a large number of people walk in or out of the area for personal work or while exercising.
If the person clearing the garden had no plans on how to dispose of all the shrubs, weeds, and plants, why did he order the garden to be cleared. Now for more than 10 days, the dried plants are dumped on the footpath, causing problems for pedestrians using the area. When a photo was taken, immediately more plants were dumped on the footpath/pavement again. Some of these plants could be used for making fertilizers or other items like brooms (from coconut leaves)
Why do civic authorities show so little foresight/vision when they take a decision

Variation in flower pricing

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

There is a lot of variation in the pricing of flowers in a small city, probably because regular vendors are expected to pay a kickback to the officials who are closely monitoring all activities.
A home owner, domain investor observed that the regular vendor was demanding Rs 110 for a pot, another vendor was selling the same flower pot to another customer in the same area for Rs 70 each, however he refused to sell to her.
At an exhibition the same flowers were available for Rs 80 per plant pot.
It clearly indicated that the bribe demanded by officials has become a major factor determining the prices of flower pots in small towns


Expensive online plant supplies

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

In small towns it is difficult to find affordable gardening supplies locally and ordering live plants online can be very expensive due to a number of factors like
Transportation cost
Damage to the plant
Packaging required
Unlike non living items like electronic items, clothes, accessories, the plant will have to be watered daily if it is being transported a long distance. So the plant seller will have to take this fact into account while pricing the plant being sold online, as they cannot be sure of how many customers they will be getting

Watering plants on a holiday

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

A major problem with growing plants remains that the plant grower has to make arrangements for watering the plant when on a holiday. Most plants if not watered daily will dry up and die, which can be very inconvenient for a person who has spent a lot of time and money collecting these plants from different sources. Earlier neighbours could be asked to water the plant, however in small towns most of the houses are empty, so a person growing many plants cannot afford to go on a long holiday if arrangements are not made.
In the US, there are equipment available which will water the plant when the home owner is away for a week or month, however in relatively undeveloped countries, the equipment is not readily available, though it can be made after making some effort .

Suppliers of automatic watering equipment can send their offer to

High plant prices in small towns

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Another problem faced by those who wish to grow plants in goa in their home, kitchen garden or terrace garden is the relatively high price of the plant. For example basil or tulsi plants are the most common plant grown in a majority of hindu households. In Mumbai, the plant can be purchased for Rs 5 or Rs 10 each.
In Goa, a person will have to purchase the plant from the wandering retailers for at least Rs 30 each as there are few retailers stocking these plants. Similarly a marigold plant in Mumbai will cost Rs 40 , while the wandering retailers will charge Rs 70-90 per plant in Goa. These retailers however cannot be blamed because they have to spend a lot of money on expenses, as the plants are imported to the state from Pune.
The forestry department of Goa will sell medicinal plants cheaply at exhibitions for Rs 15 each, however the exhibition will be held only once or twice a year in Panaji, and getting the plants from their nursery can be expensive as they are located in remote areas far from the city.

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Monday, October 19th, 2015

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Not easy to purchase plants locally

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Any person interested in growing plants in their house or garden in goa with a low budget finds it difficult to locate suppliers of the plants as there are relatively few local retailers of different varieties of potted plants and seeds. There are many shops selling pets and pet products like fish, birds and pet supplies, while there are almost no plant retailers in a large area, with only one store in the capital city . In Mumbai, the domain investor observed that plants were available very easily now, with at least 4-5 retailers in an area of 1 km of the house, selling a variety of plants. This is surprising as people have larger houses in Goa and can afford to grow more plants in their house and also spend less time commuting.

The only other source of plants in Goa are the plant vendors who carry their plants in pushcarts from one place to another. However the location of these vendors is not fixed , so those who wish to purchase the plants have to keep looking out for these vendors.

Bean plants easiest to grow

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

For novice gardeners or those who are rediscovering gardening as a hobby, bean plants appear to be the easiest plant to grow in their home kitchen garden. There are many varieties of pulses available in the market, and it is advisable to try to grow the different varieties to find out which plant will grow quickly and fast .
It has been observed that relatively small bean plants are flowering and yielding beans in less than a month. A complete report on cultivation of bean seeds and pulses in a kitchen garden of are 1 square meter is available on request, along with the names of the seed suppliers.
Ideal for victims of organized stalking especially by large corporates , who make it difficult to shop locally.