Indian flowers and gardening

Not easy to purchase plants locally

Any person interested in growing plants in their house or garden in goa with a low budget finds it difficult to locate suppliers of the plants as there are relatively few local retailers of different varieties of potted plants and seeds. There are many shops selling pets and pet products like fish, birds and pet supplies, while there are almost no plant retailers in a large area, with only one store in the capital city . In Mumbai, the domain investor observed that plants were available very easily now, with at least 4-5 retailers in an area of 1 km of the house, selling a variety of plants. This is surprising as people have larger houses in Goa and can afford to grow more plants in their house and also spend less time commuting.

The only other source of plants in Goa are the plant vendors who carry their plants in pushcarts from one place to another. However the location of these vendors is not fixed , so those who wish to purchase the plants have to keep looking out for these vendors.

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