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Purple Shamrock, Oxalis Triangularis plant available

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Limited quantities of Purple Shamrock, Oxalis Triangularis are available for buyers location: Panaji, Goa
The low maintenance plants will grow well in winter and summer, and have light pink flowers and purple clover shaped leaves, ideal for decor

These plants do not require any fertilizer and will grow fast if watered regularly

Plant costs Rs 449 at Nurserylive,and is not in stock on 16 February 2018. Price in panaji,goa will be lower.
If interested please send your requirement to

Google associates steal last white chrysanthemum flower removing plastic cover ,leaving gum marks on the door latch

Friday, February 16th, 2018

In the last few days it appears that a squirrel had eaten one of the white chrysanthemum flowers , leaving a small uneaten portion of the flower on the terrace floor. So to prevent further damage by the squirrels the google competitor had covered the last remaining chrysanthemum flower with a large plastic bag,so that the squirrel would not eat the flower.

However it now appears that google associates, either R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife naina (red Maruti Brezza L2233) or their associates had again criminally trespassed, entered the house using duplicate keys and stole the remaining flower.
After stealing the flower, they had replaced the plastic bag again on the plant stalk, clearly indicating that the theft was the handiwork of a human robber, not a squirrel. If a squirrel had stolen the flower, the plastic cover would not have remained on the plant stalk

The google competitor had also kept a glue trap hoping to trap any squirrel or rat who may be damaging the plant, however no animal was caught. Additionally when the door to the terrace was opened, the google competitor found that there were some glue marks,mostly glue from the glue trap indicating that duplicate keys were being used to intentionally enter the house and steal flowers, cause damage

White Chrysanthemum flowers stolen by google,tata sponsored cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife naina’s sons in panaji, goa

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

It appears that google, tata have got the eighth standard pass cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife naina’s a cbi job falsely claiming that the semiliterate housewife , who does not spend any money on domain names, owns domain names, including this one, so that she, her husband and sons defame, stalk and harass the google competitor
In another example of harassment and theft, the google competitor found that some white chrysanthemum flowers were stolen from the terrace of her house on 7 or 8 February 2018, allegedly by google,tata sponsored cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife naina’s sons
The google competitor has observed that google,tata sponsored cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife naina’s sons have been climbing onto her terrace in a case of criminal trespassing as the shameless greedy gujju fraudster family in panaji falsely claim to own house of the google competitor to get a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the google competitor
These arrogant well connected gujju fraudster family had earlier left some school marksheets on the terrace as proof of their criminal trespassing. The gujju fraudster cbi employee naina, is wearing a nosestud, mangalsutra and ties her hair in a clip, while her bearded elder son, nilesh (name slightly changed ) is bearded and is usually driving a new red maruti brezza L2233

Periwinkle plant branches broken by google associates in panaji,goa

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Tired of the repeated home intrusions, theft of flowers, by google associates, especially goan bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, the google competitor was forced to change the lock of her house in panaji, goa on February 1, 2018. As a result, the google associates could not enter the house for their daily round of vandalism and theft. Instead they targetted the periwinkle plant kept on the window grill
The google competitor found that the branch of the periwinkle plant was broken as part of the vandalism of the google associates, the next day as it was the only thing the frauds could lay their hands on.
The google competitor will have to spend a lot of money changing her door locks repeatedly, on home security, to prevent the vandalism of the google associates who are stealing flowers, killing plants almost daily in panaji,goa.