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Ant attack on hibiscus plant making leaves wilt

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

After a few buds of the hibiscus plant bloomed in january 2016, the large brown ants which had attacked the plant, resumed the attack. The ants are considered to have a symbiotic relationship with aphids who lay their eggs on the plant to form a white layer, adversely affecting the blooming of the hibiscus flower.

Now it has been observed that the dark green leaves of the hibiscus plant are again wilting and have become a bright shade of yellow, before falling off. When no flowers are blooming on the hibiscus plant, both the ants and aphids are leaving the plant alone, allowing the flowers to bloom.

Aphids attack hibiscus plant again

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

After several weeks a small hibiscus flower bloomed, yet again the plant was attacked by ants and aphids with the white aphids covering the stem of the hibiscus plant with a layer of white eggs. It appears that the ants are attracted by the nectar of the hibiscus plant.
Earlier the ants which were spotted on the hibiscus plant were fairly large, now the new ants are quite small. A knife or similar tool will be needed to remove these ants and aphids from the hibiscus plant or no more flowers will blossom on the hibiscus plant.
Orange oil was recommended online, however when rotting oranges were placed near the base of the hibiscus plant, there was no effect on the ant attack, it continued.
Other suggestions to remove the aphids and ants from the hibiscus plant will be appreciated

Mogra flowers not blooming

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Though the mogra plant has not withered away like the marigold, gerbera plant, no buds are being formed or flowers blooming for several months now. When the mogra plant was purchased, the flowers would blossom very quickly, now for the last few months, no new flowers are visible.
The mogra flowers may be blooming only in summer or spring, so the wait and watch approach will be best.
Any suggestion to make the mogra flowers bloom throughout the year, will be appreciated.

Ants attacking hibiscus plant again

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

A few weeks ago, large brown ants had attacked the hibiscus plant covering the stem with a white coating and preventing any buds from forming and flowers from blooming. Recently some new dark pink//red hibiscus buds were visible, yet the ants are again attacking the plant very aggressively and the new bud which has emerged has not bloomed after a week. Usually the flower would bloom within a week of the bud being visible.
Any suggestions to drive away the ants from the hibiscus plant will be appreciated.