Indian flowers and gardening

Garden cleared to clutter pavement

More poor civic planning was observed when a small muncipal garden was cleared of weeds and other plants that grow during the monsoon. All the dried shrubs, weeds and plants were dumped on the pavement/footpath next to the garden causing problems for all the pedestrians who take the path. Comparatively few people use the garden, while a large number of people walk in or out of the area for personal work or while exercising.
If the person clearing the garden had no plans on how to dispose of all the shrubs, weeds, and plants, why did he order the garden to be cleared. Now for more than 10 days, the dried plants are dumped on the footpath, causing problems for pedestrians using the area. When a photo was taken, immediately more plants were dumped on the footpath/pavement again. Some of these plants could be used for making fertilizers or other items like brooms (from coconut leaves)
Why do civic authorities show so little foresight/vision when they take a decision

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