Indian flowers and gardening

High plant prices in small towns

Another problem faced by those who wish to grow plants in goa in their home, kitchen garden or terrace garden is the relatively high price of the plant. For example basil or tulsi plants are the most common plant grown in a majority of hindu households. In Mumbai, the plant can be purchased for Rs 5 or Rs 10 each.
In Goa, a person will have to purchase the plant from the wandering retailers for at least Rs 30 each as there are few retailers stocking these plants. Similarly a marigold plant in Mumbai will cost Rs 40 , while the wandering retailers will charge Rs 70-90 per plant in Goa. These retailers however cannot be blamed because they have to spend a lot of money on expenses, as the plants are imported to the state from Pune.
The forestry department of Goa will sell medicinal plants cheaply at exhibitions for Rs 15 each, however the exhibition will be held only once or twice a year in Panaji, and getting the plants from their nursery can be expensive as they are located in remote areas far from the city.

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