Blood lily or Haemanthus, easy to grow

When young most children have plenty of time and no money of their own to spend, when older they have money, no time to purchase what they want., spend time gardening. One of the plants, the domain investor always wanted from a very young age, is the blood lily or Haemanthus multiflorus which would grow in others houses and gardens .
Finally she was able to order a bulb online, and in June 2018, when it started raining, the bulb started growing automatically, though it was stored in a bag

The lily grew rather fast compared to other bulbs like the gladiolus bulbs which were ordered online, and the it completely blossomed within one week.Many of the other bulbs are not growing, or not having any flowers

So though one bulb of the lily costs Rs 44 at Nurserylive, it is worth spending the money, because the lily is easy to grow.