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Top florist in India

Worldwide flowers are one of the more popular and profitable items sold online .
Doing a google search for “top florist in India” to check the seo gives the following results (only florist are listed)’

additionally ,, flowers n fruits, were advertising using Google Adwords
For FlowersnFruits,, Google adwords was showing the prices of a bouquet of pink rose flowers , priced at Rs 375 for delivery in Gurgaon, Rs 399 for delivery in bengaluru respectively.
The price of each rose was approximately Rs 30 for the rose bouquet, when most retailers in small towns are charging Rs 10 per rose. In large cities like Mumbai, the prices of roses are lower at Rs 5 per rose. The additional charges will be for foliage, higher quality roses, packaging of flowers in a bouquet and delivery charges

FernsnPetals is the most high profile florist in India online, at least in western India, offering coupons on a large number of websites. However it would be interesting to know the criteria of google to rank at the 1st position for “top florist in India” on May 29, 2016, what seo methods have been used or it is related to the availability, hosting and design of the website.

Any florist interested in a review of their website can send an email to Press releases on new products, services, special deals are also welcome.

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