Gardening and your enemies

One of the factors to be considered while gardening is how much your enemies hate you and how much time they are willing to waste to destroy everything you have, especially if they are not likely to be caught for the crime. In Goa, it is observed that the garden on the ground floor of the house of the domain investor, Paypal account holder is being attacked repeatedly, with almost all plants being killed.
While wild plants and weeds like ferns are flourishing almost no plant which has been planted, growing from seeds seems to have survived for long. For example a large number of papaya seeds were planted in a pot, yet not a single papaya seedling has survived in the pot. However a few seedling were growing on the cemented surface flourished for a longer period of time

It appears that the garden has been specifically targetted for arson and damage by powerful officials who take a sadistic pleasure in damaging whatever the domain investor owns