Indian flowers and gardening

Goa flower market

Since Goa is a popular tourist destination , a large amount of flowers are used not only by offices, restaurants, hotels also need a large amount of flowers for decorating the rooms and for special occasions like parties, corporate events, weddings and religious functions
It is estimated that the total demand for flowers and flower market size in Goa is about Rs 25 crore and almost all the flowers are imported to the state, mainly from neighbouring states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

While there are a few major florist shops in the Goa and suburbs, there are a number of small florist outside restaurants, supermarkets, near the bus stand, who sell flowers at a lower cost. The number of florist in Goa is estimated to be around 120.

There are few farmers cultivating the flowers locally in Goa , however they appear to be marketing only the plant and have a limited range
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