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Rose growers directly export flowers

The media reported that the rose growers from the Lonavla in Maharashtra have started exporting their roses directly to foreign customers to get a better price. During valentine’s day, the demand for roses in Western countries is at the maximum and to cater to the demand, the rose growers have come together to get a good price of about Rs 15 per rose. In the domestic market, the price of these roses is lower at Rs 10 per flower. Some of the types of roses which are popular include Bordeaux, Top secret, Amazon, and these roses are sold with a long stem. In metro cities, the price of a rose can be as low as Rs 5, however the stem of the rose will be cut.
The rose growers were shown packing the roses in a brown cardboard before exporting the roses, and in 2016, they are reported to be making a good profit as they have eliminated the middleman for export.

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