Rose plant damaged during flight

Because of the poor public transport system, it is extremely expensive for individuals in goa who do not know driving in goa to purchase plants for their garden.Most rose plants in Goa are costing Rs 100 or more because reaching another place in a small town using a rickshaw or taxi can cost Rs 300 . So those who do not a vehicle in goa find it cheaper to purchase plants in Mumbai, where some rose plants are retailing for Rs 30 each due to the excellent public transport system.
However the disadvantage of using air to transport the plant, is that it is very likely to get damaged during transit, especially check in luggage which is handled rather roughly on the conveyor belt and elsewhere.
Grafted rose plants are the worst affected, A rose plant had only one branch with a multicolored rose bud, and it was damaged during transit, as the branch with the rose bud broke off. So for air travel, smaller plants which are less likely to be damaged are preferred