That Storm Made a Real Mess Here

We got back from our vacation the night before last and it was storming pretty good all the way from Gastonia until we got home. Of course I was taking it easy because I was pulling my boat and that gets tricky in the rain. I pulled in and started to back the boat into the carport I put up for it on the edge of my property. That was when I saw that several trees were down, one of them on the corner of the house. I knew a guy who does tree trimming in Hendersonville NC, but he does not come like the police in the middle of the night. Of course none of those guys are going to do a thing while it is storming like the very devil. We had to get in the house through the back, and it was pretty slick on the way. Of course the tree had knocked the power lines loose from the house, but not so bad that the lights did not come on. When I saw this the next morning I was wondering if it was dangerous.

The guy I knew showed up early the next morning, but he is not the guy that climbs on your house with the chainsaw. He beat my insurance guy there and even brought me a cup of coffee and a tenderloin biscuit. He was not much use without his guys and his bucket truck, but he gave me a quote and promised he would get the guys who did the work over there as soon as he could. He only promised to do the stuff that absolutely had to be done quickly though and that afternoon he came back and got the tree off the house. We put a tarp up over the corner of the roof just now.