Indian flowers and gardening

Most people only grow flowers in their home garden

Any empty space can be used for gardening, however it is noticed that in most urban homes in small towns, most people are only growing flower and ornamental plants, almost no one is growing any vegetable plant in their garden. The flowers have limited value only making the garden colourful, and using for decorating at home, or offering to the gods
The lack of interest in kitchen gardening is because of the negative attitude towards people who grow vegetables at home, they are considered to be miserly, not willing to purchase vegetables. However few realize that it remains fairly difficult to grow any vegetables at home, a lot of seeds and money have to be wasted due to pests, unsuitable weather, soil. Some people may want to improve their gardening skills and starting a kitchen garden can be a good way to find out which plants can be easy to grow. Often people are unable to find time to visit the market, and a kitchen garden can help.

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