Indian flowers and gardening

Seed paper from 21Fools

While there are many foreign websites which are selling seedpaper , there are relatively few indian websites which sell seedpaper, and 21Fools is one of the few websites which sells seedpaper to indian customers. The seed paper is made from recycled paper, which in turn is made from waste fabrics. The seeds are embedded in the recycled paper during the manufacturing process. When the seeds will be dipped in water and placed in a pot, the seeds will germinate and grow into plants. However not much information is provided about the germination rates for the seeds.
At present it appears that 21Fools is mainly focussed on bulk orders and corporate customers , who may gift the seedpaper .
There is only item available for retail customers, however it uses four letter words
Most people interested in gardening in India today tend to be middle aged and older people as they have no other opportunities, there are few young people who have the time and inclination to do gardening, so cheaper seed paper would be greatly appreciated

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