Climbing on walls to collect flowers

Most flowers are usually fresh for a day, then they wilt and die. However some people will put their life to great risk to collect flowers. On 14 September 2016, at around 7.15 am , a young woman dressed in a black top, with red leggings was spotted clambering on the walls trying to pluck mogra flowers from a shrub at the entrance of Lake View colony in Panaji, goa.
The mogra plant was growing in the compound of a house, and some branches with flowers are growing outside the compound, which some people like to pluck to get flowers for worshipping their home or home decor
The young woman was perched very precariously on the walls of the road, trying to reach and collect the white mogra floowers.
Instead she could have asked the plant owner if she could collect the mogra flowers and done so safely. Alternately the flower plant owners should collect and sell these flowers