A funeral is the most sad ceremony, a time of grief and sorrow. When people wait a funeral, they usually bring fresh flowers which are laid on the grave or to the open coffin.
A bouquet or funeral wreath symbolizes reverence for the memory of the deceased and therefore they should not be gaudy, bright, they should be rigorous, emphasizing the mournful solemnity of the moment.
There are some important points, which should be considered when choosing funeral flowers. First of all, flowers laid to the coffin or tomb should be unwrapped. A bouquet should consist of not more than three colors, as its excessive diversity doesn’t match the atmosphere of a funeral.
It is allowed to send flowers with a messenger, if you can’t be present at the ceremony personally. Besides, a short note with words of sorrow will be apropos.
A bouquet, designed for the farewell ceremony, is preferred to be of dark colors and simple shades. If a deceased is a man, you should choose a bouquet, composed of simply contrasting colors, like black, red or white. Yellow, orange and purple colors will be also appropriate. If the deceased maintained an active way of life, a bouquet can have a maximum asymmetrical form. On the grave of a man pink flowers are totally inappropriate.
To express sorrow and grief for the man who left this world, it is appropriate to choose flowers of cool shades, but red is also good for the moment. In this situation red color will symbolize love and sorrow for the untimely loss of the deceased.
If the deceased is a woman, the best way is to choose those flowers, which she liked during her life. In addition, flowers of sympathy should reflect her habits and character. If it’s an unmarried girl, it is possible to lay on her grave white or pink flowers, which symbolize innocence and purity. For elder woman orange or red flowers are more appropriate. If she was calm and gentle hearted woman, bring her a symmetrical bouquet of pastel shades. If a deceased woman was active and cheerful – choose assymetrical bouquet of contrasting colors.
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