Gujju domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel look alike collects flower bouquet

One of the reason why pakistan is finding it extremely easy to attack india repeatedly at Uri, Pathankot is because top indian intelligence and security agency officials are wasting all their time and resources promoting google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees like gujju domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel, who has never invested a single penny or paisa on domain names including this one.
however the shameless pathological LIAR tata, google, ntro official are MAKING FAKE CLAIMS about the domain investment of the gujju FLIRT FRAUD asmita patel to waste indian tax payer money paying the domain fraudster asmita patel a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the real domain investor, who is not getting anything at all.
the FRAUD LIAR tata,google, ntro officials promoting the PATEL DOMAIN FRAUDSTER asmita patel are shameless in making FAKE CLAIMS to get the patel fraudster great powers and in stalking humiliating the real domain investor. the lies of google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW employee asmita patel, can be easily proved checking her income tax returns

On 19 september 2016, at aroud 6.15 pm at campal, near magsons the shameless fraud ntro officials sent a look alike of the google, tata sponsored FRAUD RAW employee asmita patel with short straightened hair to collect a very big flower bouquet (which must have been very expensive) from a new florist at campal, to indicate that THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR FRAUD tata, google, ntro officials are making fake claims about the investment of the that the section 420 PATEL FRAUDSTER asmita patel ,a shameless liar who refuses to pay the market price of domain names yet shamelessly and falsely claims to own them.
The look alike of gujju domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel was wearing a white printed top with short sleeves, wearing faded blue jeans and driving a dark grey car with number plate G * K6039 .
This post has been made to warn people that the google, tata sponsored gujju domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel does not own any domain names, not to give her any privileges, she and her associates are shamelessly misusing the name of the real domain investor to deny the domain investor the opportunities she deserved.

When indian intelligence and security agencies are in denial about domain investment, of their citizens, refusing to acknowledge the truth though it can be easily proved, pampering frauds like asmita patel, how does india expect foreign countries like pakistan, china to be honest and admit the truth